Saturday, May 28, 2005

SchilliX single user nearly complete

Since yesterday, smf/greenline is up and running and we are
close before getting to a real single user mode. Only one
single service description is still inconsistent and needs
to be fixed.

The network is up and running but still needs manual configuration. Once the issue with ifconfig -a plumb has been
fixed, we will be able to autostart with dhcp from any
supported nic card.

As OpenSolaris goes public next month, I am sure we will be
able to publish the SchilliX version in July.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

First pure OpenSolaris based boot CD

Today, I managed to get a first shell prompt from a pure
OpenSolaris (x86) based boot CD.

Solaris x86 now boots using grub and a multiboot compliant
kernel loader. Previous Solaris x86 versions did boot using
a closed source 16 bit boot loader that roughly implemented
a OpenFirmware interface to the kernel. For every boot device,
there was a need to write and maintain a 16 bit driver.

The boot CD I did build has been completely set up from
scratch only using the compilation results. If you like
to help us working on SchilliX - the first OpenSolaris
based UNIX distribution, check
and write me a mail.