Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Linus thinks Solaris is a joke

Linus does not stop giving interviews on Solaris 10. The last I realized is at:

Among several, Linus slams on Solaris:

"Solaris/x86 is a joke, last I heard."

It is interesting to see that Linus only fetches his knowledge from other (doubtles biased) people instead of trying it himself and judging himself.

It seems that Linus cannot escape his "I only watch my own belly button" mentality and even promises not to check Solaris after is has been finally announced and released as Open Source Software.

So let us ask: Why is Linus constantly attacking Solaris?

If Solaris was really on the declining branch and dying, why the hell Linus needs to attack it? If Linus was right, he could just recline relax and wait for it's death...

It seems that Linus is in big fear of Solaris and the kind of openness it will offer once OpenSolaris is available to more people than only the participants of the OpenSolaris pilot.

For me, Solaris is not a joke. I use it as my preferred development platform for many reasons. It comes with free and useful debuggers, it offers me stable and reliable interfaces and (important for my SCSI tools) it returns SCSI error codes from the drives correctly to applications.